There are many types of computers few of them are discussed here.

1-Personal Computer:

1-Designed for individual user.

2-Relatively cheap.

3-Based on microprocessor technology.

4-Can be used for network formation.

5-Earlier manufacturers Apple Macintosh and PC.


1-Used for engineering applications.

2-High quality graphic capabilities.

3-Moderate power requirement.

4-Large RAM.

5-High resolution GUI.

6-Common OS:UNIX and Windows N’T.

3-Mini Computers:

  • Mid size computers.
  • Can support 200 users simultaneously.

4-Mainframe Computers:

1-Big iron machines termed as “Mainframe Computers”

2-Large in size.


4-Can cater thousands of users in one time.

5-Can execute many programs concurrently.

5-Super Computers:

1-Fastest computer currently available.

2-Very expensive.

3-Employed for very special and high speed applications.


Weather forecasting,Electronic Designs,Fluid Dynamics Calculations etc.


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